About Us

When it comes to hiring new employees, know who to hire.  ITN Hire is a human resource consultancy and hiring software platform that helps you achieve world class results.  Our expertise enables you to identify, train and retain the right talent for the job.  When it comes to hiring new employees – know who to hire.  We make hiring the right person for the right job a science.

  • We are the data scientists, psychologists and software engineers that empower your recruiting team.
  • We lead the industry in recruiting innovation designed to give you candidate insights and hiring success.
  • Our Workforce Intelligence programs in combination with our state of the art ATS platform work together to identify and hire the best fit talent in less time and for less money. 
  • Download our guide to review our Applicant Tracking System.

See our sister division to learn more about Workforce Intelligence at www.itnanalytics.com.

We Are Data Experts

ITN helps you improve employee selection and performance through the use of assessments, testing and your performance metrics.  Our selection tools and advanced analytics give you a competitive advantage.  Our ATS software makes collecting data and using it effectively easier than ever.  Say goodbye to guessing!

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