Automated Interviews

When it comes to hiring new employees, know who to hire before you hire.  ITN Hire helps you improve employee selection through the use of skills tests, assessments, critical screening questions and more.


Eliminate Hiring by Trial and Error

Asking the right questions directly associated with a job’s key performance metrics lets you interview the candidate before the interview.  The ITN Hire Scorecard provides a well thought out and consistent set of questions used to identify high potential candidates.  The interview scorecard is a set of questions linked to the job’s performance metrics.  A candidate’s answers to the questions generates objective insights essential for finding the right fit.  Best of all the system is automated.  As a physician might explain, you need history and diagnosis before you provide your prognosis.


Assessments and Job Skills Testing

Resumes and interviews are only one part of determining the attributes of a job candidate.  Our assessments and job skills tests are invaluable tools that give you the insights you need to make informed hiring decisions.  ITN Hire has an extensive range of assessments and job skills tests available for you to use.  Our library of assessments and job skills tests cover numerous industries and position types.

ApptitudeHi Res.png

Aptitude Tests

Measure critical thinking and problem solving abilities.

SkillsHi Res.png

Skills Tests

Measure basic competencies associated with specific work tasks.

BehaviorHi Res.png

Behavior Tests

Assess behaviors that affect workplace performance.

Learning style

Identify an individual’s best means for learning and retaining new information.

MotivatorHi Res.png

Motivator Tests

Understand what drives a candidate to achieve.

ThinkingHi Res.png

Thinking Style

Determine an individual’s critical thinking, judgement and decision making abilities.


Video Interviews

Gain even more insights into your candidates in a fraction of the time with video interviews.  In video interviews each candidate can answer the same set of questions through their smart phone, tablet or computer.  The interviews can be structured to be One-Way or Live.    Either way our automated scheduling lets you and your team collaborate to record and review a candidate’s responses.


Auto Disqualify

Often certain jobs have specific criteria such as level of education, prior job experience, physical abilities and so on.  ITN Hire easily identifies candidates that do not meet your minimum qualifications.  These candidates are moved to separate area allowing you review best fit candidates first.