Features Overview

Collaborate with Team Members

Collaborate with your hiring team to make the job easier.  When making decisions, communication and coordination are essential to your success.  You and your colleagues can assess, schedule, track and stay compliant all in one place.   Our all-inclusive system orchestrates the recruiting process and keeps everyone informed.


Manager Logins

Make better decisions as a team.  Invite your coworkers to be a part of the process.  Centralized communication allows you to see all emails, notes and ratings in one place. We offer unlimited logins for managers. Get real time information on where your managers are in the hiring process.  Grant manager access and controls to access as necessary.



Track the progress of your candidates through the stages of recruiting.  You can use our default workflow or create your own custom process.   Your hiring team will be able to see the status of all candidates at a glance.


Apply Filters

We give you the ability to search and filter your data base.  Keep track of hiring details with a simple data sort.  Let us help you save time and effort with our powerful data base management tools.