Measure Results


We Are Data Driven

ITN Hire ATS has an extensive range of data bases available for you to use.   The power of our system is its ability to generate reports.  Use our default reports or create your own.  Either way our data gives you the insight necessary to make informed decisions.

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Ensuring EEO compliance is a difficult but important task.  Categorizing employment data often uses spread sheets and linking of multiple data sources.  Tracking the data down, combining it and tabulating to ensure compliance can take time and often results in errors. ITN Hire automates this process for you.  We remove the time and effort to ensure your compliance.  Get accurate reports and avert the risk with our EEO and OFCCP reporting tools.



Your hiring team will have access to numerous reports that help to identify areas of success and needs for improvement.  We will show you details such as who is visiting your site, where the applicants are coming from and how long it takes to fill the position.  Our reporting is extensive and gives you confidence to optimize your process and achieve your goals.



ITN Hire reports can be formatted to report what you need reported.  It’s easy, just pick the data you want in our report builder and create your own custom report.