Features Overview

Offer and Onboard

Employee onboarding is the process of integrating a new employee with a company and its culture.  The process of onboarding can be a difficult and time consuming task.  ITN Hire has teamed up with amazing partners to help you with the legal paperwork associated with the hiring process.  Our process automates the paperwork and makes your job easy.


Reduce Errors

Everything you do will be online.  Our auto populate features ensures that the correct information is placed in the proper form automatically.  There is no need to fill out multiple forms with the same information.  All the data you need is stored securely and conveniently in one place.


Email Templates

Our ATS comes complete with email templates for every occasion.  Modify our email formats to your liking, create your own, add links for more information or assessments, the choice is yours.  Our email system is fast, easy to use and can be shared with everyone on the team.



Background Checks

Protect yourself and your business with criminal background checks. Our multi-state database search gives you instant results.  With data from over 500 million records and 1,000 plus sources, you will have easy access to the information you need. 

Background Checks Include:

  • Offense History and Sentences
  • Search of Criminal Records
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Terrorist Watch List Check
  • SSN Validation
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As part of our background checks we also provide verification of credentials.  All information is then placed in the application tracking system where you can easily access and review.  Types of verification include:

  1. Employment

  2. Education
  3. Professional License
  4. DOT Drug and Alcohol Checks
  5. Accident History
  6. Other

Drug Testing

Pre-employment and random drug testing are an integral part of ensuring the safety of your workplace.  With ITN Hire testing could not be easier.  ITN Hire can take care of all of the pre-employment drug testing for you.  An automated email is sent to the candidate and includes all essential information for testing including location, time and what to bring.  Positive results are sent off for further review at no additional cost to you.  Once results are returned, they will automatically be posted in the applicant tracking system.  No more back and forth with the clinic.  No more hassles.  Just automated, easy to review results.



The hiring process requires the completion of a number of forms such as contact information, W-4, I-9, insurance forms, direct deposits, non-disclosure agreements and so on.  We understand that your recruiting software needs to work seamlessly with your HR and IT programs.  We do it all for you.


With our many partnerships, our system has the ability to integrate applicant information to many major human resource and financial accounting software programs. By integrating systems, you can improve accuracy and reduce time spent on data entry.


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